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We are the area's leading Robotic mower installation specialists, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a great range of products.

Free Initial Advisory Visit

Because every lawn is different we offer a free no obligation visit to your home (within 40 miles of Peterborough) to advise you on your installation to help you to select the most suitable robot mower for your situation. 

Supervision-Free Mowing

Robotic Mowers or Automowers will cut your lawn around the clock, in all weather conditions, without any supervision from you. You can just monitor the mower's progress and adjust other functions via the smartphone app. Robotic mowers use razor-sharp blades to cut each blade of grass, resulting in a lush green lawn that conventional blades cannot achieve. the grass clippings become a natural fertiliser, helping keep lawns lush, green and moss free.  Our Robotic mowers are equipped with advanced technical solutions to achieve the hugest level of reliability, quality and mowing results. 

Husqvarna & Stihl Robotic Mower Options

We stock the award winning Husqvarna range of automowers as well as the Stilh iMOW range. We are also dealers for Cub Cadet and Kress Robotic Mowers which means we have a wide selection to suit all budgets and garden sizes.

We Offer A Total Robotic Mower Package

We offer more than just a one-off installation package. We offer a unique winter hibernation service where we collect your Robotic mower at the end of each season and give it a service, clean and blade change. We will then deliver your mower back to you for the start of the next cutting season. 

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